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Fourty Fifty Sixty: Vintage Jewelry and Collectible Dolls Store

When you visit Fourty Fifty Sixty, you never know what treasures you might find tucked in a corner or under the glass of our vintage jewelry display cases. Come to our Andover, N. J., store in person and you'll get a friendly greeting and personal service from owners Ben Cassara and Joe Bucchi.

Fourty Fifty Sixty vintage jewelry and collectible doll store owners Ben and Joe
Fourty Fifty Sixty vintage jewelry and collectible doll store owners Ben and Joe.

Whether you're visiting our online home to browse jewelry or to search vintage dolls for a rare MIB Barbie, Ben or Joe will be delighted to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

For 17 years, Joe and Ben have been scouring the metro New York area to give Fourty Fifty Sixty shoppers an unmatched selection of one-of-a-kind vintage costume and designer jewelry:

Fourty Fifty Sixty is also the place to browse collectible dolls:

Why Vintage Jewelry and Collectible Dolls?

To some, the combination might seem strange. To Joe and Ben, vintage jewelry and collectible dolls go together like bagels and lox.

They'll tell you that they started selling a variety of collectibles, but gradually decided to specialize in vintage jewelry, collector dolls, and doll repair. And—wouldn't you know—quite a few vintage jewelry buyers collect dolls.

Vintage Jewelry, Contemporary Designer Jewelry: Getting a Picture Perfect Look

Want a pair of designer earrings like the ones worn by Angelina at the Oscars? Wish for a vintage pin or necklace like the one on the cover of this month's Vogue? Covet a bold pendant from a designer like Angela Cupiti or an elegant vintage art deco inspired brooch from Giorgio Armani?

These are the jewelry desires that Ben and Joe love to help fulfill.

Imagine the compliments you'll get when you wear one-of-a-kind vintage costume jewelry or vintage designer jewelry from Fourty Fifty Sixty!

Don't See the Piece of Vintage Jewelry You Want?

We buy vintage and antique jewelry and contemporary designer jewelry every day. Please call the store at 212-475-4015 if you don't see the piece of jewelry you want. We'll get right to work finding it for you.

"The contemporary jewelry collections on sale at Fourty-Fifty-Sixty are created by local New York designers so that we can assure our clients of getting jewelry no one else is wearing," says co-owner Ben Cassara.

Vintage Designer Jewelry and Estate Jewelry with a Story

Most of the time, Fourty Fifty Sixty buys vintage jewelry from the original owner or heirs, which lets Ben or Joe get the story behind a unique vintage ring, antique pendant, Dior necklace, or other special piece of estate jewelry.

Learning the backstory that comes with the jewelry you're adding to your collection is part of the fun. If you would like to know the story of any of our vintage designer necklaces or rings or any piece of vintage jewelry on our site, just ask.

Vintage Jewelry from Fourty Fifty Sixty: What Our Customers Say

"When I want jewelry that I'm guaranteed to love, I send my fiancé to Ben Cassara at Fourty Fifty Sixty. I've been buying jewelry from Ben since I was a sophomore in high school. He knows me, my favorite jewelry designers, and what will wow me."

- John B., NYC

From unique vintage jewelry to jewelry by select contemporary designers like Kevia, Gustavo Dinucci, and Uptrend N.Y. – you'll discover what has made our online store a must-visit destination for jewelry buyers and vintage doll collectors.

Finding the perfect piece of vintage jewelry—antique bracelet, or a vintage brooch, or maybe a set of vintage earrings — that's why so many online vintage jewelry shoppers visit Fourty Fifty Sixty's online vintage jewelry shop.

Vintage Jewelry from Fourty Fifty Sixty Comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee

Browse our vintage jewelry and find out how good it feels to find a unique pair of white gold earrings that your friends won't be able to resist complimenting.

For more than 17 years Ben and Joe have been buying estate jewelry and collections of vintage cosmetic jewelry from private persons, estate sales, and through their network of vintage jewelry finders.

They're experts on estate jewelry and antique designer jewelry and offer a 30-day money back guarantee on any jewelry or collectible doll purchased from the store. Visit our shipping and guarantee page about doll or jewelry shipping.